The Story Behind La Minita Coffee: One of the Finest Coffees in the World.

The Story Behind La Minita Coffee: One of the Finest Coffees in the World.

Imagine yourself sitting on your porch at the La Minita Hacienda in Costa Rica enjoying a cup of the finest coffee in the world. Could anything be better?? 

You can recreate this in your own kitchen…..why wait. Order today Arnold's Private Reserve - La Minita™ Full Flavor Roast today!  La Minita is available Full Flavor or Viennese. …

Arnold's Coffee proudly offers coffees from all over the globe. Ethically sourced with the well-being of producers, workers, the community, and the environment in mind.  Our partnerships and the relationships we build with coffee farms and mills allow us to deliver consistently high-quality coffees to our customers.

Today we want to talk to you about La Minita coffee. La Minita is considered by many to be one of the finest coffees in the world.

As coffee experts, we know that superior coffee starts at the very earliest stages: in the careful selection of seed material for coffee trees, and the very best farmland located in optimal growing conditions–at high elevation with good soil, proper sun exposure, and a well-defined rainy season.

Hacienda La Minita, is located in the picturesque landscape of the Tarrazú region in central Costa Rica. The farm produces coffee that is considered by experts to be among the very best in the world, and its reputation for excellence is what drives us in all of our coffee endeavors.

At Hacienda La Minita, our partners oversee and control every aspect of the coffee preparation, from nursery through final milling. Over the years, this property has allowed them to introduce innovative and progressive farming and management methods that will be used successfully into the future.

We work closely with our partners to build a portfolio of premium specialty coffees to perfectly match their profiles–unique blends, single-origin organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, limited edition, and flavored coffees. Our roast masters create custom coffees that outperform national brands in market share.

We want to bring the flavor and aroma of the La Minita to your home for you to enjoy each and everyday day. Order now! 

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