Roast Coffee

Correctly roasted coffee brings all of the cup characteristics into balance and optimizes the individual taste characteristics that reveal a coffee's singular personality.

Coffee beans are roasted by applying uniformly dispersed heat in a variable manner over an adjustable time frame. This is called the roast profile. Each coffee has a different roast profile with sub-profiles for different degrees of roast. The profiles must be constantly modified to neutralize changes in the ambient temperature and humidity, as well as to counter-balance the natural changes in green coffee as it ages. This requires the Roastmaster to possess technical skills combined with an artisan's touch.

The following are descriptions of the differing degrees of roast that we offer. The selected roast often depends upon the intended use of the coffee; i.e. for drip coffee, French press or espresso.

FULL FLAVOR: This roast is perfectly balanced. it is chocolate brown in color, with all of its flavor characteristics developed and precisely define

VIENNESE: This roast is slightly darker in color than the full flavor roast. The coffee oils rise to the surface and the beans have a shine to them.  Viennese roasted coffee is equally suited for use in drip or espresso equipment. 


BOLD: Darker and more full-bodied than Viennese, these hearty, darkly roasted beans focus on the innate flavor of the cup. Excellent for pressure brewing. This roast offers a "BOLD" flavor profile without any of the charred, burnt aftertaste. 


FRENCH: Our darkest roast is midnight black with a smoky flavor.



          Delivery & Shipping Guidelines

          All orders are roasted to order to ensure that your coffee is fresh...We roast Monday-Thursday...and ship Tuesday-Thursday so that your coffee does not spend the week-end in a USPS/UPS warehouse...We believe that the extra time in delivery is worth the wait to drink the freshest coffee possible.