Arnold’s Private Reserve - La Minita™ Viennese Roast

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The roast is slightly darker than our full-flavored roast. This complex and full-bodied estate coffee is most certainly one of the world's finest. Grown high in Costa Rica's rugged central mountains, the coffee receives painstaking attention to its processing that results in a stunning classic flavor. It is the world’s most meticulously prepared coffee at every step, from planting, picking, washing, to drying. Even at that, they are so picky and sort through the beans so many times at every stage of processing that less than 25% of the crop ends up branded with the La Minita™ name.  La Minita™ Viennese Roast offers a slight tartness with a full-body. It finishes with hints of chocolate, nuttiness and spice. This coffee is for the serious coffee lover.