We love our customers and they love our coffees and service. We would welcome the opportunity to hear your comments.

I just wanted to add that not only is your coffee outstanding but your customer service is the BEST!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the limited addition Panamanian and the Del Patron was excellent.  My fallback will always be the bourbon infused and your private reserve decaf.  I don’t think I could ever try coffee from anyone else after the experience I have had with Arnold’s! I just wish I lived closer and could visit you all in person! Barb Netherton

My, My, My.  We have a winner.  This fabulous Costa Rica Super Hard Bean coffee is delicious.  I found myself sipping it slowly just to savor it.  Like a rarely excellent dessert.  I knew you would select a great variety.   Your palate is impeccable.  Thank You My Friend . ~ James Roark

The Costa Rican Super Hard Bean arrived Friday and I had it for the first time this morning.  Outstanding!  That is really great coffee!  I see what you mean about letting it cool a bit---that really brings out the full flavor of the coffee. Thanks again for the great suggestion, and the prompt service! Best ~ Stowe Rose

I just had another cup of ASB (Arnold's Special Blend) and every time I drink it I think, "This is absolutely the best cup of coffee." Thanks for taking the time and energy to develop such an awesome brew!
Jeff Noel, Pastor, Grace Heartland Church 

I got a nice bag of Velvet Roast coffee from you and haven't sent a Thank You. I appreciate it. I prefer your other roast on general principles, but you obviously use high quality green beans in both products.

Arnold's coffee is simply the best! The coffee and services are done with the highest quality and care.
Lisa Sanford 

Arnold's espresso has a luscious mouthfeel and lingering finish. It is well balanced with just the right amount of acidity. It is one of the few luxuries I allow myself throughout the work week and takes me back to my honeymoon in Italy without having to pack my suitcase. Thanks Arnold.
Tony Abang 

Our family has been addicted to Arnold's Coffee for years now. It's even spread to our extended family and my nephew's in-laws have joined the "club". They look forward to their Arnold Coffee Christmas gift every year the flavor is robust without that over-roasted bitterness in other popular coffee brands... No other coffee will do now for us!
Dana A. Bowers 

Arnold has a real passion for selecting coffee's everyone will enjoy. From Arnold's Special blend that I enjoy on a regular basis to Guatemalan La Gloria, for a little change of pace....you really can taste the difference!
Mark Carothers 

We have always known that we could trust Arnold's coffee selection to be of highest quality for freshness and taste. You continually search for and find new coffees that meet your standards but are also a good value. We honestly could never recall a recommendation from you that we didn't enjoy. Our favorite is Arnold's Private Reserve Blend. Talk about robust and full flavored, it is outstanding! In addition, you have provided us with many blends, both decaffeinated and caffeinated, which have been thoroughly enjoyable. We realized a long time ago that if you didn't like it neither would we. You take all of the guesswork out of our coffee selection process. Great for piece of mind knowing that what we purchase won't be wasted. We are so pleased to know that you will be continuing to supply us with coffee. We are not "coffee snobs", we just like good coffee. Warmest Regards,Gary and Susan Inman 

In line with Arnold's personal quest for excellence he has studied and found the exact combination of different coffee beans to produce the finest blends of coffee you can find anywhere.  I would recommend it to anyone. I would agree with those who say Arnold does not sell "regular" coffee, he sells special coffee.Jerry Maney 

A friend introduced me to Arnold's. He and his wife visited Kentucky one year and came across Arnold's coffee -- ever since then, they and I have never been quite as impressed with any other coffee anywhere else, as we are with Arnold's. Arnold's coffee is of the finest quality, and I can easily tell that it is carefully selected from only specific and highly trusted/approved sources, always fresh, and always consistent in its attributes, batch after batch. When you try any one variety, you can be assured you will continually get the same flavor profile every time you order it. Arnold as an individual is always a pleasure to do business with, and regards his customers as people and friends, not simply as a "way to make money." I have ordered many different coffees from Arnold, and every time, without question, have been more than pleased. Additionally, I get the personal service that the big chains cannot deliver. You cannot go wrong with Arnold's -- and trust me, I am the most picky person I know when it comes to coffee.Russell Fees, TX 

I found the best coffee I've ever tasted...Arnold's Coffee. The coffees we typically get locally or online don't even compare to Arnold's. None of his coffees are bitter or taste burnt…you know what I mean. I remember at the beginning of the "Coffee Renaissance" that took place in Seattle over 20 years ago how exciting it was to get some of our local coffee and how satisfying it was to drink. Fortunately I can have that experience again with Arnold's Coffee. Something happened over the years and "I've lost that lovin' feeling" for the local brands…pretty much all of them... because I really don't know who is roasting the coffee anymore, and they all taste the same. I hope you will try Arnold's Coffee and have the happy experience that I did on finding coffees I can enjoy again.~ Dan Hanson 

Arnold! The coffee that you sent me is absolutely delicious!!! Jim and I appreciate it so very much. I have just ordered 5 pounds on the new web site, VERY NICE!!!! Looking very forward to enjoying all of the coffee I just ordered. Ashley Bromley

First pot of coffee brewed, and the Bonavita Connoisseur brewer is amazing! 180 degrees in the carafe after brewing. The pre-bloom feature is superb. I ran it in both modes to clean, and get an idea how it works. 6 cups is perfect, one cup in the morning, and enough to fill my hydro flask for work. 100% satisfied customer!  Tyler Kelley