Leo and Arnold's Story

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The Leo Fante & Arnold Myers’ Coffee Story

Leo and Arnold’s combined time in the coffee business exceeds 6 decades, and they have been friends for more than 25 years. Leo has been in every facet of the business.  He has marketed coffees, excelled as a green coffee buyer, and rose to Master Roaster...Arnold has been on the retail side as the franchisee of 5 Gloria Jean’s Coffee outlets  He was also the owner of an upscale coffee café...In 2008 Arnold opened an e-commerce business selling “ethically sourced” coffees from around the world...


       Leo and Arnold

A couple of years ago, Leo’s experiences led to him opening Fante’s Coffee House, which is a fine coffee establishment in Louisville, Kentucky.  As an old friend, Arnold went to visit and congratulate him...Soon the talk turned to how they could bring their individual expertise together in a collaborative manner.  This led to the idea of bringing Arnold’s customers an exclusive series of “Single Origin, Ethically Sourced” coffees...Leo has the connections to purchase small lots of green beans (these are beans before they are roasted) at origin from family owned farms...They both have the outlets to bring an “Exclusive Series” of the coffee to market...Leo will roast this fine coffee, and Arnold will sell it via his well-established e-commerce coffee business.

Wallah!!  A business arrangement was born...Leo, the Master Roaster would roast the coffee in his Ambex 10 kilo roaster...This is Artisan roasting at its very best...Our roast would be done the old fashion way, by sight, sound, and aroma...This finished product is called “Full City Roast”.  This roast is medium dark brown with an oil sheen. It is absolutely beautiful to behold, and the taste is magnificent!   

The coffee that Leo and Arnold offer must meet an extremely high-quality review before they can meet their standards. They are sure, beyond any doubt, that you will enjoy the taste and aroma of this coffee as much as they do.  Please join us in having one of the best coffee experiences conceivable. 

Leo Fante & Arnold Myers

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