Arnold's Coffee Subscription Service FAQ's

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our subscription service.

1. Where do I go on the website to set up my subscription?

The process is very easy. Each product on our website, that is eligible for subscription purchase, will have the option for a one-time purchase or subscribe and deliver right on the product page.  If you choose to create a subscription, you will simply be asked for the frequency you wish to receive your coffee.

2. How will I know if a coffee is eligible to be ordered as a subscription?

We've made many of our popular coffees available for subscription purchase. If subscription service is available for a coffee, you will see an option on the product page to select either one-time purchase or create a subscription.  

3. What benefits will I receive for creating a subscription?

After your initial shipment, you will receive and a additional 5% off on subsequent subscription shipments. In addition, you will have control of when you pay (see #6 for detail).

4. Will I still use the Arnold’s Coffee checkout process?

You will still use the Arnold’s Coffee checkout process to complete your subscription purchase details, as with one-time orders.

5. Do I need to create a customer account to subscribe?

You do not need to complete a customer registration to set up your subscription service.  However, if you do create an account on our website, you may securely store your payment and shipping details for faster checkout.

6. Will I be billed automatically at each interval I set to receive coffee?

No - we will not automatically charge your preferred payment method. A few days before your next scheduled shipment date, you will receive an automatic invoice in your email inbox.  This will provide you the ability to decide when you want to pay. You will not be charged until you complete your purchase thru the link we send. Once your purchase is complete, we will ship your coffee.

7. Can I mix subscription purchases with a one-time purchase in the same cart?

Yes – providing you are shipping to the same address. You can even start multiple subscriptions with the same order. For example, you can set subscription interval to 1 month for coffee A and 2 weeks for coffee B, all in the same order.

8. Can I change or cancel my subscription?

You can easily view, edit or cancel your recurring subscriptions with the magic link you receive in the email.