Drinking coffee can strengthen your relationships

What’s the first thing most of us want in the morning?  It’s our first cup of coffee, of course (well, maybe coffee comes after we grab our phone and check our email or social media accounts).

We’ve become accustomed to drinking coffee to give us that needed boost to launch into the day. It is the effects of this most addictive beverage that creates a behavior we’ve come to observe robotically.

I have to admit that I was one of those people who grabbed a cup or two in the morning, without much more thought than, “I need my coffee now!”. That is, until I was introduced to another key benefit of coffee – coffee with someone you love. Here’s what happened.

Living below the Mason-Dixon line, like my wife Rhonda and I do, allows us to have early morning light filled with pleasant sunrises  So, she suggested we start having that first cup or two together while sitting on the porch steps. This was very unlike our usual morning preparations where we moved at a frenetic pace, and did so separately. I agreed to give this a try and we both discovered something.  We actually found time to talk about many important things, and often share some laughter, conversation that otherwise would have been lost in the rush of getting a head start on the rat race. Sorry rats, no-not sorry.

The slower pace while having our morning coffee truly brought us a little closer to one another.  Coffee was suddenly not about the caffeine and its addictive kick.  It was the unhurried nature of savoring the moment together that allowed conversation, and dare I say, intimacy to be realized as only communication between humans can do. And all we did was tap the brakes on life. Easy to do and also easy not to do.

Another discovery was that drinking really good coffee makes good companionship and good conversation even more enjoyable. The aroma of freshly ground beans prepared your favorite way makes it impossible not to stop and slow down.

While coffee is consumed by millions upon millions around the world for the stimulus it gives our physical selves, I have found a new way to appreciate it.  It has become a catalyst for closer relationships.  So whether you sit together on the front porch steps, at the breakfast table or in a café, stop and smell the coffee and do it with someone you love. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how enjoying it together can connect you to one another.


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